About us

MenuBuzz is the future of ordering.

Today’s youth overwhelmingly prefer using self serving technology in restaurants as it is more efficient, has more options, and saves time.  This group is all social media & the speed of now. So technological restaurant solutions are non-negotiable.  MenuBuzz satiates this need by allowing servers to take orders per usual but now customers can also order directly from their own phones and tablets thus making staff more efficient and increasing sales by up to 30%.  

In short, servers still take orders as usual but now customers can choose to send their order directly from their phones to the kitchen or bar too.

How Does It Work?

More About MenuBuzz

Do customers like it?

We’re at an interesting stage of humanity where the Baby Boomers not accustomed to technology shun it, the young insist upon it, and everyone else is somewhere in between. Over the coming years the desire for technology in restaurants will only increase as boomers age out, but at this moment in time there is a strange dichotomy between what the young and old expect from their restaurant experience.  Restaurateurs ignore either group at their own peril.


This is why MenuBuzz offers both typical server centric and customer centric models.  So those who prefer full service can have their server order from the table and those who want everything at the speed of now can order from their own devices.  The best of both worlds.

How does MenuBuzz increase sales?

One of the reasons behind the uptick in sales is that guests don’t feel judged by the technology.  Unlike the staff member, the mPOS won’t be judging you if you decide to supersize your meal or want that piece of pie. This is one of reasons guests increase their orders, technology doesn’t judge.


A mPOS never forgets to upsell, generating additional revenue from existing customers. Would you like to order a side with that?


No wait times!  No longer is it required to wave your hand around frantically trying to catch the eye of a busy staff member.  Now users can order from their devices when they want.  This increases impulse purchases significantly.

Will MenuBuzz replace servers?

We get this question a lot.  We know that servers are the lifeblood of a restaurant and many see them as part of the family.  So replacing servers is not an option.  Instead we work to make servers more efficient by allowing the customers who don't wish to wait for a server to be able to order themselves from their own device.  This makes your servers not only more efficient but it also increases sales.  With labor costs increasing MenuBuzz empowers servers to be more efficient so restauranteurs can still afford them.


Servers love MenuBuzz too because the increase in efficiency allows them to serve more tables and thus receive more tips.