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Cloud Based mPOS vs Traditional POS Systems

By Scott Kirk

One question that often comes up discussing a cloud based mPOS is what happens when WiFi goes down?  This vulnerability is brought up by those touting a hardware POS system as the main reason why not to put your restaurant in the cloud.  It’s hard to believe some people still think this way.

While legacy POS systems have failed to evolve, cloud based mPOS systems and accompanying technology have come a long way since their inception.  Now, for example, a router such as the NETGEAR LB2120-100UKS can be deployed that offers a simple fail-safe connectivity with 4G LTE/3G. What that means is if your wifi connection does go down, your router will automatically connect to a mobile data connection.  These include fallback routers or offline solutions, which allow you to keep operating even when your service provider can’t. With modern broadband connections being so reliable it’s unlikely this would ever be an issue but it’s nice to know there is a backup plan in place for if it ever did. 

What if Wifi AND your mobile data connection are both lost?  This is an extremely unlikely event to ever occur.  It’s about as likely as not only seeing pigs fly, but seeing them fly backwards.  But, just for fun, let’s imagine what would happen if it did.  What then?  MenuBuzz has a built in system that switches to a backup Network-Attached Storage (NAS) server stationed locally within the restaurant.  It’s like having an entire MenuBuzz system in your establishment that can run all your operations offline like a traditional POS.  All orders made by servers are then saved on the NAS server until an internet connection once again becomes available.  Once a connection is found the system automatically uploads all offline orders to the cloud and automatically switches back to placing orders online.  It’s a backup plan for the mobile fail-safe backup plan.

Most establishments would see adding a NAS server as overkill, because fail-safe connectivity is almost foolproof, some larger establishments may see the appeal.  The biggest benefit of this technology comes from the absolute and unquestionable silence of the cloud based mPOS nay-sayers who see their last criticism fade away. 

MenuBuzz, a mPOS as reliable as legacy POS systems with all the benefits that come from the cloud.


Scott Kirk is an all round digital content developer and the founder of MenuBuzz, a mPOS system that does everything in the aforementioned article.  MenuBuzz focuses on the customer’s experience and adding innovative ideas while providing all the analytics and functionality restaurateurs have come to expect.