Frequently Asked Questions

Our Mobile App can be used from within a browser or downloaded and installed on your compatible mobile device easily. If you have any questions - please look through the most frequently asked questions or contact us for more details.

1. Why MenuBuzz?

Other Dinosaur POS systems work the same old way where they require a server for every transaction.  MenuBuzz allows servers to process orders but also allows customers to take control of their restaurant experience by ordering directly from their phones.  This increases sales and customer satisfaction.  Let's see those Dinosaur POS systems do that.

2. Does MenuBuzz increase sales?

It's been shown in multiple studies and real world examples that self serve technology increases sales by 30% because customers no longer feel pressured for time and are more likely to make iimpulse purchases and there are no lost sales due to busy staff.


Another reason behind the uptick in sales is that guests don’t feel judged by the technology.  Unlike the staff member, the mPOS won’t be judging you if you decide to supersize your meal or want that piece of pie. This is one of reasons guests increase their orders, technology doesn’t judge.
A mPOS never forgets to upsell, generating additional revenue from existing customers. Would you like to order a side with that?

3. Does MenuBuzz replace servers?

We get this question a lot.  We know that servers are the lifeblood of a restaurant and many see them as part of the family.  So replacing servers is not an option.  Instead we work to make servers more efficient by allowing the customers who don't wish to wait for a server to be able to order themselves from their own device.  This makes your servers not only more efficient but it also increases sales.  With labor costs increasing MenuBuzz empowers servers to be more efficient so restauranteurs can still afford them.


Servers love MenuBuzz too because the increase in efficiency allows them to serve more tables and thus receive more tips.

4. Which devices are supported?

 All modern browsers and iOS and Android devices are supported.  We recommend a tablet for servers and back end staff, the larger the screen the easier it is to tap the buttons on the screen.


We recommend windows tablets and compatible receipt printers for back of house and bars.

5. Can I change the menu categories?

Definately.  Once you've created your account you can select categories from the top left hand corner menu.  There you can add/delete categories to your hearts content.

6. How do I change product prices?

Once you have registered and logged in, you can select Products from the top left hand corner menu.  In there you can add product photos, change the cost, sizes, modifiers, allergens, and even what MenuBuzz should be upselling. It couldn't be easier.

7. What is the socializing section all about?

Our socializing section allows customers to talk to each other.  So, for example, individuals can find out who else is single in a club and flirt or arrange to meet up in your restaurant for a date.  The interesting thing about this section is that individuals need to purchase goods to earn credits to be used in socializing.  


So not only does socializing build a community around your establishment, it also generates revenue for you.


This socializing app is purely optional and can be turned on or off in the manager's admin panel.

8. Does MenuBuzz connect to social networks?

These days any establishment without a social networking presence is not realizing it's own potential.  MenuBuzz allows individuals to upload selfies or photos of their food to the major social networks with the tap of a button.  


You can control which photos are shown in your own photo gallery.


This app functionality is purely optional and can be turned on or off in the manager's admin panel.

9. What about people who don't want to use MenuBuzz?

There will always be some individuals who don't want to use technology in the restaurant.  For these people there is a simple solution, nothing will change.  Servers can still take orders directly from these customers in the normal way while those who want the faster server can order from their phones.  Win/Win.

10. What do I need to get started with MenuBuzz?

All you need to get started is a tablet or a computer to receive the orders.  A second tablet could be added for the bar or the kitchen.


If you want to accept online payments, you will need either a Paypal or Stripe account.  If you wish to accept card-present transactions (meaning where you swipe the card and get a better rate per transaction) you will need to contact us to sign you up.  It's easy.

11. What fees per transaction does MenuBuzz charge?

It depends on your subscription.  If you have a free basic subscription then we charge 2.9% + .30 per transaction.  If you pay for a Gold or Platinum subscription then you can lower your costs per transaction to 1.1% + .20 per transaction.