Minimal & Affordable!

See what You Can Do with MenuBuzz


Custom reports allow you to track things like total sales, best selling items, server specific sales, tips, hours, etc.

Multiple Payment Methods

Accept both online payments, cash, and cryptocurrency.

Track Your Orders

All your delivery, pickup, reservations, and table orders are tracked in the same location.

Awesome Features

Server Analytics

See which servers are selling the most of each product and track their clocked in hours and breaks for each day.


See which products are the best sellers and making the most profit for your restaurant and then prioritize those items on the menu or make them a special.

Direct Access

Customers can order directly from their phones and then see their orders progress from the back of the house.  Their phone vibrates when their order is ready to be picked up or dropped off.


Build a community and bring in new customers by engaging singles.  They purchase products from your menu and can then chat with others in your establishment and other establishments using MenuBuzz.

Edit Menus

You can edit your menus to add more categories, products, or even a happy hour menu that only appears during certain hours.  Everything is done live, so if you have a special you want to promote you can anytime.

Social Networks

Allow your customers to be able to post on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Then all their customers are your future customers as they see their selfies and foodie photos.